2017 Bible Reading Plan From Laodiceanreport.com

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We hope you have a great 2017. We created this unique Bible reading plan to help you stay motivated to read God’s Word every day this year. This plan mixes the Old Testament and New Testament in a unique way throughout the year to give you a variety of content every week. If you choose to read only the first column shown in the plan (New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms) this year you will only need to read about 1 chapter a day. If you choose to also read the second column (Old Testament) this year it will only require you to read about 2 additional chapters a day.

If you print out the pdf file from the link below as double-sided everything will fit on one piece of paper and when folded in half it will fit nicely in your Bible and serve as a bookmark.

LR Bible Reading Plan_2017

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We believe that reading the Bible daily is the best way to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and we pray that God’s Word will transform your life this year. Please share this Reading Plan with others to encourage them to read God’s Word

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